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Big Blue Beat Down: Kentucky defeats Montana St. 86 to 28

The lowest point total scored by an opponent in Rupp Arena history, a shellacking, an annihilation, a freakish beat down.

Just about everything went right, after the first 4 minutes in which UK failed to score a single point. It took Montana St. almost 8 minutes just to get the ball across mid court.

The star, yet again, was Freshman Devin Booker with 18 points. Karl-Anthony Towns had 6 of Kentucky's 13 blocks on the night. Towns also leads the nation in blocked shots.

UK was supposed to win this game but this is a skull crusher. You don't see D1 College Basketball scores under 40 that often and I have never seen a score under 30, I am sure it happens but I can't remember one.

Kentucky starts slow but damn, when they get going it is really scary.

Kentucky struggles against the smaller Boston University Team, then Buries them 89 to 65

UK - 89
BU - 65

I rock chalk this up (Pun Intended) to a massive hangover. But what man to man giveth the zone taketh away. Kentucky clearly had issues with the BU zone.

Kentucky trailed the battle for the boards for most of the game. The tiny, in comparison, BU team out rebounded the Cats on the offensive boards. BU was also killing it from behind the arc for most of the game. One key advantage BU had throughout the game was the fact that the zone kept UK off the charity stripe for most of the night. UK also struggled from the three point line.

BU Guard Cedric Hankerson shot the lights out in Rupp tonight hitting 5 threes out of 9 attempts, he ended the night with 24 points, The zone and three, not to mention UK's lackluster defensive effort, forced Calipari to partially abandon the Platoon system. In his defense Alex Poythress did not play because of an illness.  Dominique Hawkins stepped into Poythress' starting position and played well but Poythress' presence on the court would have helped. You had to admire BU's moxy, they jawed and fought all night long leading to multiple technical fouls.

But Kentucky woke up around the 14 minute mark and started to bury BU foul depleted team. Devin Booker played the role of star for UK tonight with 15 points and 6 assists. Aaron Harrison killed it with 19 points and 4 assists. Even though UK abandoned the Platoon system in the 2nd half, it didn't matter, because UK's length, in the end, was too much for the Terriers. even with Willie Cauley Stein fouling out, it didn't matter, BU was clearly out matched.

Rock Chalk Bull Crap, Kansas Jayhawks - Kentucky Wildcat Video Insanely Laughable

Uh... Didn't the Rock Chalks get rocked Tuesday night? Didn't the Jayhawks get drilled by 32? Well, don't say that to the Kansas Athletics Video Department as they made a very laughable "recruiting" video. Amazingly the 1 minute 58 second video actually shows almost all of Kansas' made field-goals on the night... that's funny..

Kentucky Wildcats Obliterate the Kansas Jayhawks, UK hands KU 4th worst Loss in KU History

Jack, you're fired.. Just kidding but Mr. Pessimistic was way off base last night as the Kentucky Wildcats showed the nation that they are clearly the team to beat in 2014-15. UK overpowered the Jayhawks in every conceivable way giving KU nothing, absolutely nothing. Not only was this a personal worst for Bill Self but it marks the worst defeat during his tenure at KU and the 4th worst loss in KU history, so there is a little lasting, stinging, history that will be associated with this loss, not just an L on the calendar.

The 4 worst losses in KU history are:

Nebraska won by 40 in 1900
Kentucky won by  37 in 1974
Oklahoma State by 33 in 2000
Kentucky by 32 in 2014

Amazingly the Jayhawks out rebounded the Cats on the offensive boards and the Wildcats only managed to out rebound Kansas, overall, by 5. The story of the night was Kansas' 19.6 shooting percentage, it was scary and it was ugly, not because Kansas can't shoot, because UK wouldn't allow them to shoot. UK blocked a total of 11 shots, 8 in the first half alone. Another big stat was UK's 6 turnovers, only 6. If UK can maintain that level of concentration night in and night out then its curtains for the rest of D1.

UK can still show improvement from the free throw line shooting 61% but I am not complaining.

Kansas vs Kentucky; In Game Commentary

15:00 1st Half KU-6 and UK-8

Kansas is doing exactly what we predicted, they are taking it to the Cats. The Jayhawks are running the dump off inside to perfection. Can they keep this up for 40 minutes? Doubt it. Kentucky is playing Kentucky's game but the smaller Kansas team is aggravating the Cat's offense.

Update 1:

Kansas is running the Hack-A-Cat early with 3 early fouls but UK is only shooting 50% from the line. Kentucky is playing big but their concentration is non existent. Aaron Harrison's game is on, so far. Kentucky is playing very sloppy but Kansas is making bad decisions they are settling for jump shots and that will not work.

Now its the White Platoon's turn....

15:00 to 12:00 1st Half KU-9 and UK-14

Ulis is on!!! Kansas is flustered, the speed of the White Platoon is killing KU. Alexander for KU has 2 fouls, he now gets to sit.

The whistles are starting to blow. The White Platoon is killing KU with their intensity. The White Platoon are diving for balls and hitting Kansas in the mouth. KU is already tired, shooting only 20% from the floor but the Cats making some serious mistakes with turnovers. Ulis and Booker are on it tonight and that's good news for UK fans.

Its on now... KU might want to leave early but its not over until 0:00..

Kansas vs Kentucky in Indy: Can Kansas' Speed nullify UK's Bigs?

Mr. Pessimistic has arrived yet again and this time the crystal ball is showing some worrying signs. I think UK will eventually pull it out but this game has the potential of becoming a very ugly contest. UK showed the BBN, against Buffalo, that they are human, capable of being what they are, kids.

If Bill Self has his Xs and Os inline, and I bet he does, then we can expect Kansas to take the fight to Kentucky, all night long. The X factor for Self and the Jayhawks is this; can they sustain a solid 8 man rotation, and be productive doing it, for 40 minutes? That's a tall order. I would expect the Harrison Twins to be rabid mad dogs tonight. I would expect Johnson and Cauley-Stein to be equally rabid. They know big games, they have played in a few them and they know this is a big game. This game will define the Cat's for the next few weeks. If 2 out of those 4 players refuse to lose then UK is safe. If they take the night off mentally then it's going to be a barn burner.

If Kansas back-door-cuts UK to pieces tonight expect the game to stay close until the end. I know one thing for sure, Bill Self will, yet again, try and make this a free throw game, a 2 minute free throw contest. He defeated Calipari in 2008 doing just that and made BBN sweat a little in 2012. If UK is up 6 with 2 minutes to go then expect the Hack-A-Cat strategy to come into effect. Self will send the water-boy into the game to foul one of the many UK bigs, if Kentucky is shooting 60% or less from the charity stripe.

We accurately predicted the line for the KU - UK game a few days ago. The sports betting gurus are giving KU+-4 over/under. We predicted a score of UK-71 and KU-67 and we stated that KU will cover the spread. If we have a free throw contest then KU will safely cover the spread barring a late 30 seconds to go lob bonanza.

Can UK lose this game? Heck yea they can and this how it will be lost. If the Harrison Twins stay in Lexington tonight, mentally, and Cauley-Stein forgets he's 7-0 then it will fall on the shoulders of the Freshmen. If Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis have off nights then Calipari may be forced to abandon the Platoon system and put the best players on the floor. The lack of game chemistry will be evident from the start. If this scenario plays itself out then Alex Poythress will be forced to play hero, something he hasn't done much of. If Kansas manages to keep the score in the low 60's then watch out BBN because UK's terrible history at the free throw line will become a nightmare in real time.

Buffalo at Kentucky; Halftime Analysis; Kentucky is not there yet

Well, one of my fellow know it alls stated, foolishly of course, that all Calipari has to do is let these kids play ball, I don't agree. The Buffalo Bulls are actually taking UK to school, in an almost laughable first half for the number 1 team in all the land.

Buffalo controlled the pace of play for most of the 1st half and went into the locker room with a 38 - 33 lead. The bigger and slower UK squad had a very hard time keeping up with the smaller Buffalo team coached by top ten UK nemesis Bobby Hurley of Duke fame.

He certainly has learned a thing or two from his famous coach father and has made UK look foolish at times. If by some biblical disaster Hurley defeats UK today the BBN will never hear the end of it.

This may also be a horrible premonition for the upcoming Kansas game. The guard heavy Jayhawk team may run a small back door cut scheme, much like Buffalo, and simply run UK to death. You can defeat an enemy with a few big heavy blows or you can defeat your enemy with 1000 small cuts...

2nd Half to come....

Could Skal Labissiere's Recruitment come back to Haunt the University of Kentucky?

Author - Jack Sawyers - Investigative Guru 

Report: Skal Labissiere's Shady Guardian Asked How To Profit From Him

It is no secret that I am the pessimistic one of the group.

I was not a fan of Eric Bledsoe's recruitment, and it damn near sunk Calipari's ship before it really had a chance to set sail. UK was one "missing ;)" grade-book away from possibly being forced to vacate 98% of the wins in Calipari's first season at UK. The whole UK2K backlash would have been epic. But thankfully it didn't happen.

I was also not a fan of Nerlens Noel's recruitment either. Nothing, not a peep came from that recruitment, so I would say that UK's Compliance Department did their jobs and did their jobs well.

Skal Labissiere's story is both tragic and...tragic for two totally different reasons. His Haitian home was destroyed in the massive earthquake that struck his impoverished homeland. He migrated to Memphis where is seems that the vultures were waiting. The apparent vulture, Gerald Hamilton, Skal's guardian, seemed intent on one thing; profiting from Skal's amazing ability. He was not shy in his quest to figure out the best way to achieve his pathetic goal.

Hamilton went so far as to create a 501(c)(3) non profit organization called Reach Your Dream and multiple college coaches who "tried" to recruit Skal stated that unless you "donated" to the so-called non profit you had NO chance of recruiting Labissiere. Skal even had his own private basketball team via a "school" named Reach Your Dream Prep. This is probably the biggest red flag of all. I am very familiar with non profit law but I am not a legal professional. Violating non profit law, in most cases that involves large amounts of money, will catch the attention of the FEDS and they don't play basketball nor do they care about basketball, they put you in jail, period.

Reach Your Dream achieved their tax exempt status in September of 2009 and it appears they are required to file Form 990-N, the form for organizations raising less than $25,000 a year. I find it hard to believe that Reach Your Dream could fund Skal's basketball operations for less than 25K a year but we do not have all the information on this organization, we also have no idea how the structure is organized.

We are announcing our intent to file the appropriate Freedom of Information requests with Gerald Hamilton for Reach Your Dream. All tax exempt non profits are required to turn over the books to any and all privates citizens who request such information. We will be requesting that information.

I have faith in Kentucky's Compliance professionals, they have proven that they can get the job done without risking some of the most amazing Kentucky Basketball History in decades. I will be looking for two key pieces of information; did anyone connected with the Kentucky Basketball program, booster or otherwise, donate funds to Reach Your Dream. I find it hard to believe that anyone connected with the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball program would be this stupid.

The next piece of information we will be reviewing will be the disbursements for this non profit. And again, I truly hope that no one was stupid enough to allow monies from this non profit to find its way to Skal, or Skal's parents.

Unless there are other improprieties with Skal, such as agents and BMWs on loan, the NCAA would likely have no other means of making Skal sit next year. If his so-called guardian violated the law, then that's his problem and at this time there is no proof that Hamilton did anything illegal but this whole thing stinks.

Needless to say this is the shadiest recruitment for Calipari during his tenure at UK. At this time I have agree with those, likely jaded anonymous Cocahes, who told CBS Sports that they seriously doubt Skal will play one minute of college basketball. I would bet a nickle to a million that the NCAA will be, and likely already are, all over this.

Kentucky Wildcats defeat the Grand Canyon Antelopes, Post Game, Box Score

Kentucky 85
Grand Canyon 45

If UK had actually played all 40 minutes, and they didn't, they would have blown the Antelopes to Mars. Even though Kentucky is still a work in progress (yea right) they showed a glimpse or two of becoming the most dominate college basketball team in the last 40 years.  It's just not fair.

Andrew Harrison led the way with 16 points. Trey Lyles chipped in 14 points in a half effort at Rupp. I don't say half effort in a derogatory way, I think Calipari told the team at half "take it easy guys" because Calipari just looked on, calm and collected, as Kentucky played on, even when they stunk it up Calipari was chilled out. The Platoon system, at least in game 1 of a 45 game season, was a success.

I cannot emphasize the potential of this team. Like I said before; it's just not fair. There will be an adjustment or two but all Calipari has to do is simply let both Platoons, White and Blue, play ball. It's really that simple. Let these kids play ball and it's done, they will be beasts of a type not seen since the UCLA teams of old come March.

Kentucky Leading Scorers..

Andrew Harrison - 16
Trey Lyles - 14
Willie Cauley-Stein - 12 (4 Blocks)
Dakari Johnson - 10 (12 Rebounds)

Team Blocks - Kentucky - 10

Pregame Chat: Grand Canyon Antelopes at Kentucky Wildcats

You better believe that former Phoenix Sun standout Dan Majerle will have his team ready to rock tonight. Though his team, the Grand Canyon Antelopes, have an almost impossible mountain to climb against arguably one of the best college basketball teams ever assembled in the Kentucky Wildcats, at least on paper.

It will be interesting to see how their roster packed with transfers handle the hype at Rupp. The Antelopes will be looking to see who steps up as they lost their two top scorers from a year ago.

I expect Kentucky to start slow, as usual. They may give the antacid eating UK fan a little heartburn in the first 7 minutes but they will regroup and bury the Grand Canyon Antelopes tonight at Rupp.


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